Bainbridge Tennis


Thursday Evenings:

Dates:  August 10 – August 31

Days:   Thursday 6:30 – 8:00 pm (All levels)


Tuesday Evenings:

Dates:  August 8th – August 29th

Days:   Tuesday 6:30 – 8:30 pm (All levels)

          Daily Schedule & Description:

Ladies and Men’s Evening Doubles Quads is an ongoing competitive doubles program for all levels from beginner to intermediate.  Beginners should have a basic understanding of how to play the game.  Each player will play 24 total games each week – 8 games with each of the other 3 players assigned to her court.  Players will switch partners after every 8 games played until they have played 8 games with each person on the court.  Each week the player with the most games won will move up a court for the next week’s play & the player with the fewest games won will move down a court.

Player Availability & Substitutions:

A player may sign up for quads as a regular player or a substitute.  Regular players are expected to play every week.  Please consider your availability & commitment before signing up as a regular player.  If a regular player must miss she would secure a substitute player from the substitute list.  A player signing up on the substitute list is not obligated to play each week.  However, they should make every attempt to fill in when needed.


BRTC Member League Fee:  $20.00 per player Non-member $30.00

BRTC Substitute Fee:  $6.00 per play day

Deadline: August 3, 2017

Maximum Players:  20



Play dates: August 8th-31st                                                                                                              

 In case of rain we will add an extra week

Divisions of:

8 and under will use a red ball and play Tuesday at 4:00

10 and under will use an orange ball and play Thursday at 4:00

12 and under will use a green dot ball and play Tuesday at 5:00

Middle school will use regular ball and play Monday at 4:30

High school will use a regular ball and play Monday at 4:30

Deadline: August 2nd

Fee: $20.00 for non-members, FREE to members

*If time and dates need to be adjusted players can contact each other to what best fits their schedules.       

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